Solid Handshake between Business Development & Marketing in Microfinance Bank
Tunde Raji - June 2, 2016

There is need for symbiotic relationship between business development and marketing in order to enhance performance and productivity.  Effective Relationship management between the two offices is key in this regard.

8 thoughts on “Solid Handshake between Business Development & Marketing in Microfinance Bank”

    1. You are welcome! Oladeinde.
      Let’s rub minds and ideas on how we can improve our microfinance industry through this platform.
      Don’t hesitate to inform your colleagues at office about this blog.

    1. It depends on the size of the organization in terms of financial base and structure.
      In a bureaucratic structure, the job functions varies and explicitly defined.
      In most microfinance organizations, it is always merged to minimize cost and maximize labour efficiency.

  1. I think business development, should be separated as they assist in creating and development of strategy and products for marketing and promotion purposes,

  2. I believe business development and marketing works together but it goes hard that the whole stress falls on the marketing department and they being treated as low in lots of mfb

    1. Andrew, some MFBs combines the Business development & Marketing departments. While some segregates it.
      I quite understand you that the bedrock of any business is the Marketing. Hence, marketing staff needs to be well-remunerated.

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