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Appeal for Loan Interest to Be Withheld – A Case Study Tunde Raji - March 12, 2018

As the then Chief Finance Officer / Head of Operations / Head of Risks of Wesley Microfinance Bank Ltd, a unit microfinance bank wholly owned by the Methodist Church of Nigeria. I received a minute in...

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Debt-Relief Plan for Recovery Team of Microfinance Institution Tunde Raji - February 3, 2018

The current global economic recession with special emphasis on Nigeria economy has enormous effect on Debt and Debt Management. This call for concern so that everyone will not be trapped continually i...

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Measuring Delinquency In MicroFinance Institutions Tunde Raji - May 18, 2017

MicroFInance Institution’s portfolio is the largest and most important asset, but it is held outside the institution, in the borrowers’ hands. There is a certain level of risk inherent in any port...

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Bottleneck in Credit Facility of Microfinance Bank Tunde Raji - June 2, 2016

My focal point on this subject is based on my personal experience when I urgently needed cash loan for personal use. I was privileged to approach several microfinance banks within Lagos state for cash...

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