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Customer Retention Concept in Microfinance Institutions Tunde Raji - February 24, 2018

Customer Retention Concept is often handled with levity or virtually overlooked by many Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) with no exception to Microfinance Institutions. Retaining existing customers w...

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Over-Indebtedness in Microfinance โ€“ Who Should Bear the Risk? Tunde Raji - March 27, 2017

Over the four decades since the development of the original microcredit methodology, the poor have been declared bankable โ€“ and increasingly even profitable bank clients.   While microfin...

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Risks Inherent in Microfinance Bank Tunde Raji - June 2, 2016

In every organization, risks cuts across all board but measures taken in managing risks is worthy of note. Hence, risks in microfinance banks cannot be over-emphasized. While some risks are avoidable,...

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